Bridgebuilder EP    Words and Music by Shilo 2014 (ASCAP/BMI)

Bridgebuilder EP 

Words and Music by Shilo 2014 (ASCAP/BMI)



Walking along you ain’t alone beneath the whitewash

These pressure systems press on every one of us

We know

Boys chasing skinny girls

Cats chasing their tails

For the air they’re lovin’

Not where the winds blow


We go downstream of desire

Where your senses are for hire

Where “to be or not to be” was never the question

But “to see or not to see?”

It’s inside of you, it’s inside of me

When we open up our skies

And see what has truly blessed them


            What’s a win worth?

            (win is when the shape matches the form)


Wouldn’t it be nice

To pick cherries by the side of the highway

To know so many & really be known in turn too

Oh the summit seems like quite a release of your burden

But it don’t release you from nothing

When it don’t release you from you


            What’s a win worth?...


When the sympathetic soldier eyed masses all alight

& those who’d cross their hearts and hope to die

before surrendering the right

for whom misery means nothing

in the face of bluffing yourself

where the past turned present turns insufferable

There is your fight


            What’s a win worth?...





Reservoirs that won’t evaporate


Help me recognize this moment I’ve been given

& hand it off to all that’s left living

With no need to categorize

the feelings I’m enlisting

to soothe and smooth out all our blistering apertures


            Reservoirs for the desart day

            Reservoirs that don’t evaporate


Lift your chin up high

Step out into morning

You’re fresh off a righteous night

Of wonder storming

& everyone is testing your mind,

they wanna see if you’re really with ‘em

They wanna feel your slippers if they’re really slippin’

Some save it away

Some lay it down


            Reservoirs from the western day

            Reservoirs that won’t evaporate


I thank the air you’re breathing

It’s carrying the hair your wearing

& I love the touch you’re sharing

If I could put some away

If only I could put some away


            Reservoirs for the wind and rain

            Reservoirs with no need to explain

            Reservoirs for the child in chains

            Reservoirs: your smile in my brain


A space is granted

A home,

A Voice.

Good luck.

Go with what calls

Now the will to rise & the will to remain remain in you

Poised with strength long after the paint’s faded

Long after the Banquet’s raided

With grace in it’s place

Long after,

Long after the Western Way



Well I am a lonesome bridgebuilder

I’ve got no class; I’ve got no pedigree

& although I’m only a bridgebuilder

I know how to laugh- I can touch infinity


            & if ever this bridge gets built

            I ain’t laying down

            I ain’t dying on no hill


If I didn’t love this life I’m living

If I didn’t love this old town

It would not be much of a bridge worth building

We’re high above the river

& you can’t look down


            but if ever this bridge gets built

            I ain’t laying down

            I ain’t dying on no hill

            After the bridge gets built

            I ain’t hiding, honey

            I ain’t going on the run


Picked up my family from clean county air

To stand where many lands meet

& stepped back away from the clean country air

to find good work where all the streets meet


            & if ever…


Through the snow and the rain

The smog and the pain

Through the traffic; the traffic and the neon night

Through the faces, races, luckless places

Through the plastic; through the plastic I will fight for life


            & if ever…

Shackles and War Sickness


They just want you to be healthy and free

They just want you to be the best you can be

Prozac, Percocet, Valium, Vicodin

Alcohol, Ambien, Caffeine, Nicotine


            But all you got was shackles and more sickness


Well the CIA called the DEA

Said “when it hits the streets just clear the way”

& if you’re young and black then you best step back

cause they stole your face in the very first place


            & it’s all done with sirens and a quickness

            & all you got was shackles and more sickness…


So the state controls the cocaine trade

& they give the guns to go the other way

Mexico makes news with the murders

But the true cost can’t cross any borders


            & it pays your state to see their neighbors suffering

            & all you got was shackles and more sickness

            In Juarez...

            In Chicago…

            In Tijuana…

            In San Diego…

            In Wa-shit-town…

            In Hollywood shackles and more sickness.