The Myth of Time:   by shilo  (ASCAP/BMI)

The Myth of Time:

by shilo (ASCAP/BMI)


Which Way

There was no loneliness in the very first place

Though smiles were nervous on my gray face

From Tenochitlan to Hollywood

Headed up Highway 1 just about fast as I could

Didn’t know which way

To go

Which way should I go?


Suffered namelessness to find my voice in Babylon

Singing a misty forest song up to the blazin’ sun

There was no emptiness in All Alone

Isolation’s safety felt so American

But Which way…?


I found one true love who would never comfort me

Shrugged like the sea drops a surfer to the beach

Too proud to wipe the sand from my own eyes

I must've learned some fine truths from exquisite lies

Didn’t know which way…


Strummed my strings

Did my very best

One nite a man came forth with a beard down past his chest

Spoke as if he’d been

Where I’d not seen other men

& we walked down by the campfire where I found my first friends

they knew

which way…


All went wrong

so all could work out right

Even experience could be bought for the right price

so you could sift through these stacks

of heavy ideas

you could cash them in the bellies

of so many societies

but you gotta know

which way…



Saber Tooth Protest Song #3

Governments are put forth among men and women

Justly empowered by consent Given

When you’re staring down a long

Train of abuses

When an honored state neglects its only uses

Of Nature’s Law

& Nature’s God


We cry, we plead, we petition redress

The easy chair swallows many the best

Each war tax is an answer of injury

With the corporate judges and media juries

Yes, you step out

Light finds you unworthy


You’ve lost your head

Your body knows no mercy

You’ve lost your head…

We hold these truths…


The business of killing is the oldest corruption

For an assembly of men charged with the protection

Of many others

And their mothers, their daughters

Their big hearted brothers and house-proud fathers

For security

We trusted and believed


But the times have changed

And so have the needs

The times have changed

So have we…

We hold these truths…

We hope you’ll surely do the same.


I’m sick of seeing men without shelter on the street

While the pavement is cracking under congressional feet

Don’t wanna hear about the rising cost of hospitals

Till your billion dollar bombs turn into rose petals

And they float


Over peaceful living

peaceful minds

Over peaceful living

And peaceful times



Businessman Vacations

Poetry will not serve to pay the rent

But a swift, free penhand is heaven sent

The leaves are falling

Your best years are calling

Distant voices cry but your own children are bawling

We walk nine to five

Through the glory of small time

And hell could be waiting in a best buy check out line

But the tide

Is rising



The votes are cast at the point of purchase

Third world death is bought by Park Ave. merchants

There’s nothin’ you can say on election day

Cause both of your choices need this slaughter just the same

The US, the UK, the USSR

Now China take the wheel

And they’re driving in the dark

But the tide

Is rising



Oh the blood is burning through the veins of our cars

Well the blood that’s bled it must be someone elses card!

& though the future seems to be just that which follows

we must take the past to be our best broken model

Crimes are committed by men not their stations

African murder makes good business

Makes good businessman vacations

But the tide

Is rising



Now though they left bright fingerprints on it

For each smoking gun they’ll take a parking ticket

So goes oil, diamonds, metals for MacBooks:

Perpetuation of exploitation can’t be seen if no one looks

Cause it’s bought with bullets from the madmen

Who hold the whole dark continent ransom

But the tide

Is rising




Love Divided By Zero

With your long hands worked rough

& stainless steel memories that don’t rust

long country dress

can’t help looking better than the best

& a stadium smile burning hot

radiating down to me so soft


            but sometimes you get so close

            it’s not when I love you the most

            sometimes you get so near

            it’s like I disappear

            I’m in here


I’ve never known such caring

When I reach out to you it’s never daring

I flash your ring by simply speaking

Cause there’s obviously no other eyes I’m seeking

You’re red with the clay from which I’m made

Where you’re going is where I’m gonna stay but…


I suppose I found you when I met you

Cause there was no darkness to get through

Now your poetry corrects my vision


I’m healed in those perfect prisms

And yet

You multiply my future’s paths

Spinning my sighs into joys and laughs



Touchdown Town

Pretend proud with your stiff lipped mouth

New shoes to match pastel hues

You’re stuffing hours into towers

Till you need twenty showers

Work so fast behind that smothered laugh

But I know it’s not you


And we never touch down

Circle the same side of town


Well did you pick that look from your thought book

To match a mask of cool tones and fine cheek bones?

You got a good deal with them free refills

Getting your exercise from swatting the flies

But I know it’s not you…


I got these goosebumps cause your down in the dumps

It’s a face plant to your backwards slant

Yet I’ll walk with you now

Behind a snowplow

To you I’m a pipsqueak on California Street

But I know it’s not me…


To you I’m a time-waster

Or I’m a no-placer

A hippie, a sloth, or some burning moth

With a pretty girlfriend

And I just don’t blend

The unshaven mess under house arrest

But I know, you know, it ain’t me…



Your Sun

Went out for some answers

Stepped out for some truth

Saved up for the ransom

I returned the fountain of youth

& the year back flipped as the summer slipped

into fall

I packed ten stalls

With venomous justice but this is still underground


Well I won’t be found on Broadway

Won’t be found in Brooklyn

Won’t be found in Riverside Manor

Ain’t no sense in lookin’

I ditched my sleeves I wanna feel the breeze outside

Where we sell time

Won’t we float free inside the lines of harmony

I love your sun


So braid your hair up for me now

Honey, write a line for me

Listen for the jetplane’s howl

Way above the Redwood Tree

Cause I got the need and you give me the steam

To come

And see it all done

You wear the keys but I don’t believe

We’ll need ‘em anyhow

I love your sun…


I feed the cat and I pull on my hat

And go

To a place we know

They welcome us there

And your hair shines like a melody

I love your sun 



My Machine Gun

Good weather in the Empire State

There’re gunshots in the projects

But everything else is great

And war…

War’s a word in the internet ether

And you’re busy as an ER

And you don’t sleep enough either

Cause the downstairs dogs bark

And the jackhammers yammer

Cause the workers have never met a single city planner


That war is way off

Beyond your lunchbreak

A stain to be scrubbed out some way another day

And the taxman he takes more and more of your dime

And to pay off the loss you gotta give a little more time

But it all goes to pay for the war factory

Cause the taxman works for those companies


            Yet I got new strings on my machine gun

            I’m shootin’ dirty windows and lettin’ in some sun


Good night empire bright

Sirens in Harlem but everything else is alright

I hear that congress pulled the plug in DC

Cause two sides of the same bleeding coin can’t agree

So parks won’t be protected

Food won’t be inspected

But your representatives paychecks are always collected




The Myth of Time

The dancer weaves infinities in raising just one leg

The drummer drums

Beats like a sun

That never seems to set

In the bleachers


Wish they’d hedged their bets

Cause there is no need to mind

The Myth of Time


The motorcyclist rides so righteous

Chasing off the wind

Senses expanded

Stillness abandoned

He measured from within

While big shots and astronauts

Make bids for their next wins

Where they’ll find and mine

The Myth of Time


Congressmen all file in

And weep inside the banks

Common theifs

Fall to their knees and ask whom they should thank

Kings hoist sails and proudly they wail

‘the ship already sank’

they suffer loss inside

The Myth of Time


Lovers embrace and take secret tastes

Of a view that’s never theirs

The painter flies so deep inside

Where others only stare

And friendship’s flowers provide the powers

To get up and go there

And they know no need to mind

The Myth of Time


Now in this room

I sang the tune of something I am not

My noisy neighbors stop trading favors

To see what the other's got

And every so often I quit my coughing

To ash in my favorite clock

And that’s when I find

I’ve gone blind

To The Myth of Time