Come Back Tomorrow (August 2019)

River that Shines (July 2019)

Anywise (June 2019)

States (May 2019)

Secretary of Nature (April 2019)

Eudaimonia (or Living Right Next Time, a Prayer for Caitlin Thomas) feat. Kyle Neidig on Flute (March 2019)

Catabatic Wind (February 2019)

Sunspeak (January 2019)

Camouflage Cat to th Coast (November 2018)

Push & Dollar (October 2018)

Crust Slip Theory (August 2018)

Pierce the Veil (July 2018)

Apeiron New (June 2018)

Go Lawng- cover of 'go long'  (May 2018)
words and music by J. Newsome, recorded without permission of any kind; may not be legal listening

Interchange Stability (March 2018)

Rage Against Gravity (Jan 2018)

Heroism (Dec. 2017)

Confusion of Tongues (Nov. 2017)

Happen to You (October 2017)

Argument: Exclusive Nonviolence (September 2017)

Health for Wealth #2 (August 2017)

Understanding (July 2017)

Intentionally (May 2017)

Panther Cross the Sky (April 2017)

Quiet Americ'n (March 2017)

The Leaving (March 2017)

Love song no. ? (February 2017)

Can you see it? (January 2017)

While we were sleeping' (December 2016)

All In (November 2016)


Black Sky (November 2016)


Click above for link to ancient Shilo albums (pre-2013)

Click above for link to ancient Shilo albums (pre-2013)


All songs written and recorded by Shilo (ASCAP/BMI)