Shilo's Ancient Work...

THIS AS I AM   (summer 2013) 


Songs written in May and recorded in June by Shilo at The Treehouse, Oakland, CA (All drums recorded at Mission Recorders, SF, by Dave).  Mixed then mastered by Shilo onto 1/2" tape in July.  Cover photo by Aled 2013.

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EAST BY WEST EP  (spring 2013)



East by West and Lamp EPs.  Songs written and recorded by Shilo at The Treehouse, Oakland, CA (except Jetway, recorded at Mission Recorders, SF by LaterisGone).  Mastered by Dave and Shilo onto our 1/2" tape machine.  Cover art by Aled 2013.


LAMP EP    (winter 2012-13)

B-Sides from Lamp EP :

Later is Gone (collaborations):


All songs & recordings by Shilo (ASCAP/BMI)

Drums: Dave

Samples:  Dave

Backing vocals: Shilo, Aled [lead guitar on Jetway], Dave

Bass: Shilo, Doug Lee [This As I Am, East By West, Lamp], Brian Fernald on Trees, Rafael Davis on In Range [This As I Am].

Cat:  Mahalia Jackson


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